Webhooks enable third-party clients to subscribe to notifications and updates as soon as an event occurs. Our webhooks allow the SalesHood Integrations API to inform a remote application when changes have occurred, for example, when a Huddle is published. This saves the application from having to periodically poll SalesHood for changes.

Huddle_PublishedEach time a Huddle is published
Huddle_CompletedEach time a user completes a Huddle
Huddle_ArchivedEach time a Huddle is archived
Huddle_DeletedEach time a Huddle is deleted
Asset_CreatedEach time a library asset is created (including Stories and Deal Wins)
Asset_UpdatedEach time a library asset is updated
Asset_ArchivedEach time a library asset is archived
Asset_DeletedEach time a library asset is deleted